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Basel combines the charm of an old city center with an innovative spirit, industry, and culture. It is located at the river Rhine and shares borders with Germany and France. Basel is one of the most innovative regions in Europe (highest patent density/person) and hosts the oldest University of Switzerland (University of Basel founded in 1460). The local Pharma industry (Hoffmann-La Roche, Novartis etc.) makes Basel an important international city for biotech industry.

Basel has the highest density of museums (more than 40) in the country. Internationally known museums, such as the Basel Art Museum, the museum devoted to the iron sculptor Jean Tinguely, the Fondation Beyeler, and the Museum of Cultures attract many visitors, as do several galleries and playhouses.

Historic landmarks of the city include the large market square with its richly decorated red sandstone town hall and the late Romanesque-Gothic cathedral.


Basel shares its airport with Mulhouse (France). It is located at the frontier with France and Germany and is easily reachable by reliable and punctual Swiss train connections from the International Airport of Zurich (Switzerland) within 1h 15min.


Basel is used to hosting big expositions and fairs such as «Art Basel», the world’s largest fair for contemporary art and «Baselworld», the world’s largest fair for watches and jewelry. Accordingly, infrastructure for transportation and housing is excellent.